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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shock Video: Romney Foresaw It All!

This is why we supported Mitt Romney.
Because he knew.
Because he understood.
Because he was absolutely right.
This is the man -- the opportunity -- that America turned its back on. Now, exactly what he predicted is coming true.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Was Mitt Romney Really Right About EVERYTHING?

Excerpts from an outstanding article in BuzzFeed Politics:

Ten months after Mitt Romney shuffled off the national stage in defeat — consigned, many predicted, to a fate of instant irrelevance and permanent obscurity — Republicans are suddenly celebrating the presidential also-ran as a political prophet.
From his widely mocked warnings about a hostile Russia to his adamant opposition to the increasingly unpopular implementation of Obamacare, the ex-candidate’s canon of campaign rhetoric now offers cause for vindication — and remorse — to Romney’s friends, supporters, and former advisers.
“I think about the campaign every single day, and what a shame it is who we have in the White House,” said Spencer Zwick, who worked as Romney’s finance director and is a close friend to his family. “I look at things happening and I say, you know what? Mitt was actually right when he talked about Russia, and he was actually right when he talked about how hard it was going to be to implement Obamacare, and he was actually right when he talked about the economy. I think there are a lot of everyday Americans who are now feeling the effects of what [Romney] said was going to happen, unfortunately.” . . . .
Romneyites are processing these feelings of vindication in different ways. The campaign’s chief strategist, Stuart Stevens, said he has been disappointed to see their central message — that Obama would be unable to restore America’s strength — turned out to be so accurate: “If there is a part of the world in which America is stronger, it’s hard to find. What’s the president doing? Attacking a talk radio host. He has criticized Rush Limbaugh with more conviction than the leaders of Iran… We can only hope it improves. ”
And Jennifer Rubin, the conservative Washington Post blogger who became Romney’s most outspoken advocate in the press, accused members of the news media of failing to take the Republican’s arguments seriously, while allowing the incumbent skate through the race untouched.
“As for the media, they are the least self-reflective people I know,” Rubin said. “The left-leaning media has carried the president’s water faithfully, eschewing the least bit of critical analysis. Now they don’t like the result?”
Click here to read the entire article.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ann Romney: Christie Is 'Great Guy, We Love Him'

In her first solo interview since the election the always-classy Ann Romney says she and Mitt have "no regrets" and they blame no one but themselves for Mitt's defeat last November. They miscalculated. They actually thought Mitt was going to win the election. They thought they were ion good shape. They were wrong. But she says they've put the election. And they don't blame New jersey Governor Chris Christie who she refers to as a "great guy."
Ann Romney says she's now worried not about her husband or herself or her family but about a "crisis of confidence" in the country -- a crisis of confidence that she sees growing amidst the three scandals plaguing the administration: IRS, Benghazi and media snooping by the DOJ.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They Say They Love 'Moderate' GOP Candidates Until . . . .

We find it amusing that liberals (many of whom seem to hide behind the "moderate" label) profess to be soooo concerned about the GOP . . . until election day. 
Let's start with Bob Dole -- a man who many liberals are now praising since he criticized the GOP as too right-wing over the weekend.
In 1996 many of these same people told us they were encouraged that the GOP nominated Dole and Kemp because they were not hard-core conservatives and they were able to work across party lines. But did they vote for them? No. 
Again in 2008 they praised the selection of the "straight talker" John McCain, saying they admired the way he was willing to take on his own party. But, when push came to shove, did they vote for him? No again. 
And only last year many of our Democrat friends told us that Romney would be the only GOP candidate who could attract centrist votes -- someone who they might actually be able to vote for. Did they vote for him? We think you know the answer. 
All we can say is I'm glad I never climbed into a foxhole with any of these people.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revealed: The GOP Benghazi Ad That Never Aired

  US News
  Syria News
  More ABC News Videos

This ad was prepared by the Republican National Committee to air in the final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign.
Apparently the Romney campaign objected to the ad because they felt it would distract from the "main" issue that they were intent on pursuing -- the economy. So, the ad never aired.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video: Ann Feels Media Didn't Give Mitt 'Fair Shake'

Ann Romney is right. The media never gave Mitt Romney a "fair shake." And they never will.
The dominant liberal media (DLM) are neither objective observers nor responsible reporters. Rather, they are active players in the political side.
And the DLM clearly play on the side of the Democrats and their liberal friends and liberal interest groups. There's no secret about it anymore -- and hasn't been for some time.
This situation is not about to disappear.
It will remain this way until the baby boomers (mostly misguided children of the 1960s) who now control the major media outlets pass on. Until they are gone, there is little hope for any significant change.
How to deal with this?
The answer is simple: beat them at their own game. Fight back. Go directly to the public and use the same tools that the DLM use: radio, TV, print, face-to-face, the popular culture and (most important) social media. Social media allows the most direct, targeted, intimate access to the various publics that need to be reached.
Also, expose the DLM for the sham that it is and continue to support the few right-leaning or right-of center media outlets (such as Fox News) that still have some influence.

Friday, February 15, 2013

How We Foresaw Obama's 2012 Campaign Strategy

More than a year ago (in January, 2012) we tried to warn Romney and the Republicans about the kind of campaign that Obama was prepared to run: Distract, distort, discredit and deny.
We laid it all out.
Now, coming up on four months after the election, it's worth looking back on what we said and why. Here's what we posted right here on this blog on January 6, 2012. Tell us if we weren't right:
George W. Bush called it "strategery."
And in so doing he coined an apt term: the way to describe a pin-pointed, goal-driven strategy for success.
So, what will President Obama's strategery be for the fall campaign? The answer shouldn't be too complicated to anyone who's really been paying attention. And it can be summed up in the following points:
1) Plan on facing Romney. Obama & Co. would love to face somebody from the extreme right wing of the GOP but they know they will probably face Romney and they know that will be tough. So, they're preparing now. They will gather everything they can on Romney and hit him hard. The Obamamaniacs play Chicago hardball so they will throw everything they've got at Romney. For his part, Romney better be ready and he better not only be prepared to fight back forcefully and promptly but he ought to strengthen his offense as well. And he needs to do it now.
2) Throw money into the campaign. We're talking A BILLION DOLLARS here, folks. Obama will not only flood the airwaves but he will run a sophisticated social-media campaign as well. Plus, Obama will use all the PACs he can and he will benefit from Big labor bucks as well. The GOP may not be able to match this but they need to come close.
3) Inflame class warfare. Obama will stir up class resentment and run against Wall Street as much as possible even though that's precisely where much of his money comes from. High finance, big corporations and so-called monied interests will become the enemy. And, incredibly the Team Obama will do all this while hobnobbing with the rich and famous, especially in Hollywood and among disconnected liberal elites everywhere. Obama & Co. will attempt to paint Romney as an out-of-touch zillionaire who couldn't care less about ordinary "working people," let alone even begin to understand them.
4) Play for time. In 1982 Ronald Reagan said "stay the course." He wanted (and needed) more time for his policy and programs to begin to work. The slogan stuck. Obama will play the same tune. He'll argue that his programs are only now beginning to work, beginning to take effect and that things are finally beginning to move in the right direction. He will conjure up the image of "W' and the darkest days of the Bush era and plead: "Don't turn back the clock. I said it wasn't gonna be easy but we're finally on the right track now. Give us a chance to finish the job."
Expect lots of rhetoric as the golden-tongued orator revs up. His teleprompter will be working overtime.
5) Run against Congress. Obama will borrow a page from Harry Truman's history-making 1948 campaign and run against what he calls a "do nothing" Congress. He will say that he has not hesitated to act unilaterally when he could (and even when legally, he probably couldn't have and shouldn't have) but that Congress has refused to act and has stood in his way. Of course, he'll have to focus only on the House because his own party still controls the Senate.
But that's a minor matter to Obama.
This is gonna be a rough 'n tough campaign all the way.
And it will be made more difficult for the Republicans because Obama will have the dominant media solidly in his corner.
Old-line print and electronic media will hail every bit of good news available (even if they have to skew some of the facts and/or make some of it up) and they will cast Obama in the best possible light. They already have too much at stake to do anything else.
Let's remember this: After just two years under Reagan there was good reason to "stay the course" and by the end of his third year he was well-positioned to stay in office. The signs were already pointing in the right direction.
It didn't take long for Reaganism to prove its mettle. The die had been cast and Reagan was able to run a very upbeat ("Morning In America") and positive campaign.
It's not the same with Obama. This President will have to run a nasty, combative campaign. Three out of four Americans say the country is clearly headed in the wrong direction. So, Obama will have to scurry -- he'll have to run away from the mess he created as fast as he can; he'll have to play the blame game.
Obama and his people are amply experienced in the blame business. It's their forte. It's what they do best.
Message to Mitt: The onslaught is coming. Sharpen your strategery.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Romney To Stay Involved, Help Candidates

Mitt Romney has told friends and supporters that he's "not going away."
During a quick visit to Washington this weekend Romney explained that he has deliberately stayed out of the spotlight since November's election in part because he didn't want to be a distraction during the fiscal cliff crisis and negotiations.
But Romney said people should not interpret this to mean he's not interested in the future of the country or the fate of the GOP.
Romney says he will work for Republican candidates this year and in 2014 and 2016 and he will be speaking out once again. But Romney also reportedly made it clear he will not be seeking office again.
Who will Romney be supporting and when? One would guess that he will now be totally free to pick and choose candidates and that he will remember those who were kindly disposed toward and indeed loyal to him during the campaign. And presumably he will not forget those who disappointed him or who came up short during the campaign.
About 100 people (including Paul Ryan) were at the event with the Romneys in Washington. Surely those people can count themselves among those who will continue to enjoy Mitt and Ann Romney's friendship and goodwill.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mitt, Ann Romney In DC Now For 'Social' Visit

Mitt and Ann Romney have arrived in Washington today. 
According to those close to Governor Romney, here's what's up:

“Gov. Romney will attend a private lunch Friday at the J.W. Marriott co-hosted by Bill Marriott and Catherine Reynolds, who have invited some of their friends who supported Gov. Romney in the presidential election.

“Gov. Romney and his wife, Ann, are also looking forward to attending the Alfalfa Club dinner on Saturday night.

“This is a social visit, not a political trip. Gov. Romney has deliberately avoided injecting himself into the political discussion while President Obama laid out his agenda and congressional leaders responded. As events unfold, Gov. Romney will speak out more on the issues of the day, including the need to create jobs and restore economic prosperity and how best America can maintain its leadership position in the world.”

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vote In Our Poll - What's The Year's Best Movie?

The Golden Globes and The Oscars are just around the corner.
And soon Hollywood has announced the nominations for the Oscars which will be presented on February 24.
But only Hollywood insiders vote in those polls. And actual moviegoers often don't agree with Hollywood's choice anyway.
So now here's YOUR chance to pick the Best Picture of the Year.
Vote in our poll. We've given you more than 20 films to choose from. Tell us your favorite. Is it Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook or Most Exotic Marigold Hotel or Les Miserables or Life of Pi or The Master or maybe some other film?
Here's your chance to vote.
The more votes we get, the more accurate our poll will be.
So, vote today at the right top of this blog page.
We want to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 People Who Should Disappear In 2013

Some are loud and disgusting.
Some are too "in your face."
Some have egos that take all the oxygen out of the atmosphere.
And some are just hopelessly overexposed.
But whatever the reason, here are 13 people (in no particular order) who need to disappear in 2013:

1. Achmadinejad, Castro, al-Assad, Kim Jong Un and Chavez - We count these five dictator-scoundrels as one. Be gone, all of you!

2. Eric Holder - Defiant, arrogant, intractable.

3. Kathy Griffin. Vulgar and disgusting would be a kind description of this humorless loudmouth.

4. Jim Carney - This dour apologist-in-chief makes us long for the days of classy Tony Snow, or even Dee Dee Myers.

5. Boehner and McConnell - Time to step aside for new, younger leadership, fellas.

6. Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Buzz off, and take your curls with you.

7. Kenny Chesney - Get the hell off the beach.

8. Alec Baldwin - You promised to leave once, now deliver.

9. Kim Kardashian - Don't let the door hit you in the . . . .

10. Chris Matthews - Yap, yap, yap! ZAP, ZAP, ZAP!

11. Taylor Swift - If this is country music, God help us.

12. Joy Behar - Ear plugs aren't enough. We need a blindofld as well.

13. Sandra Fluke. Oh, we forgot: She served her purpose and already HAS disappeared; hopefully never to be heard from again.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vote Today: YOU Pick The Year's Best Movie!

The Golden Globes and The Oscars are just around the corner.
And soon Hollywood will be announcing its choices for the year's best films.
But only Hollywood insiders vote in those polls. And actual moviegoers often don't agree with Hollywood's choice anyway.
So now here's YOUR chance to pick the Best Picture of the Year.
Vote in our poll. We've given you more than 20 films to choose from. Tell us your favorite. Is it Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook or Most Exotic Marigold Hotel or Les Miserables or Life of Pi or The Master or maybe some other film.
Here's your chance to vote.
The more votes we get, the more accurate our poll will be.
So, vote today at the right top of this blog page.
We want to hear from you!

10 Reasons Why New Years Day Is A Stupid Holiday

I've always pretty much hated New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
But for a long time I couldn't figure out why.
Now, I finally get it: They're downright innocuous.
Here then, in no particular order are the Ten Big Reason why the New Year's "holiday" is dumb, dumb, dumb:
1) There is absolutely no significant historical meaning to the day.
2) How many bowl games can you watch, anyway?
3) The day celebrates not the beginning of anything but rather the end -- the end of the joyous holiday season.
4) The Tournament of Roses Parade and other New Year's spectacles are all pretty much the same year-after-year.
5) You know it's true: Nobody keeps New Year's resolutions.
6) Celebrating the passing of time is like celebrating the inexorable march to your own death.
7) After Christmas, no other holiday on the immediate horizon can compete.
8) By January 1 you're completely stuffed and don't even wanna look at food. You're facing the grueling regimen of a diet.
9) All you have to look forward to are the two bleakest months of the year: January and February (and March ain't much better).
10) It'll take you weeks to get used to writing 2012 and you may still be thinking 2011 even in April.
The bottom line: New Year's Day is just another day on the calendar.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giants And Jerks: Best And Worst Of 2012

Who were the year's biggest winners and losers; the best and the worst; the giants and the jerks?
Well, where do you wanna start?
There are just so many to pick from.
But we always like to be positive (at least as much as we can) and we also like to roam widely. So, in no particular order and without regard to area of success or failure, we'll begin with the winners.

The Winners, The Best and a few of the year's actual Giants:
Big Bird. He gets a reprieve.
Apple. A quirky company with (sometimes) quirky products but still a standout.
Zombies. The living dead are back, folks.
Nate Silver. Not a personal favorite of ours, but he was right.
The Avengers. Grossing $1.5 billion worldwide and counting.
Skyfall. The thinking person's James Bond turns out to be tons of fun.
Channing Tatum. More than Magic Mike.
2016: Obama's America. Cleverly titled, the year's biggest grossing documentary film.
Moonrise Kingdom. Instant cult classic.
Romney in the first debate. If only we could have stopped time.
Hispanics. A power to be reckoned with.
The status quo. You voted for more of the same, folks.
WG III and the Redskins. He's got The Right Stuff.
Michael Phelps. Embodying The American Dream.
Anne Hathaway. Delicious and super-talented.
Marco Rubio. Turns out not being selected as a running mate has huge advantages.
Mia Love & Allen West. Yeah, they lost but they'll be back.
Tim Tebow. He'll be back as well. Keep the faith.
Eddie Redmayne. It's not just the British connection.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Blockbuster shows done with panache by Timothy Rub and his fine staff.
Ann Curry. Fired? Nah. Nothing can tarnish this class act.
Cherry Hill Mall. But they do need more parking.
Kate Middleton. Whatever her title is, she's stellar.
Condoleezza Rice. Still brilliant.
The narrative. Is this really all anybody cared about? Really?
Bradley Cooper. It gets better.
Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he's in again -- this time as a crafty politician.
Chris Christie. The instincts, the timing, the realness.
FM 106 IQ Radio. Philly's hot new conservative voice.
Jan Brewer. Yeah, we like her attytude!
Big pharma.
Queen Elizabeth. Defining royalty.
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.
Annie. She's back on Broadway and better than ever.
Alfred Hitchcock. Dead, but more alive than many who pretend to be.
Hunter Hayes. Bright new country star.
Penelope Cruz. Just look at her!

The Losers, The Skunks, The Worst, a few certifiable Jerks and some who simply let us down:
Romney and the GOP. Big opportunity blown.
Simon Cowell.
Rupert Murdoch's The Daily. It seemed like a good idea.
Clint Eastwood. An empty chair is -- an empty chair!
Matt Lauer and the Today team. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
The Master. Does anybody care what it was really all about?
Project ORCA. GOTV was AWOL.
Iowa caucuses. Proved nothing, again.
Big mainstream media. Yeah, your guy won. But you're still dying.
Andy Reid, Michael Vick, The Eagles.
Swing state voters. Didn't come down to a single state so none of you won.
Chris Matthews. Tingle, tingle . . .
Susan Rice.
One Direction. Boy group fizzled?
Todd Akin.
California and Jerry Brown.
Madonna and Lady Gaga.
David Petraeus.
The Phillies.
John Roberts. Turns out we were wise to be suspicious.
Candy Crowley. Despite the fact that we actually like her.
The NHL.
Piers Morgan.
Stuart Stevens. Take the blame, fella!
Kanye West. Tiresome.
Alec Baldwin.
Bob Costas. Pompous.
Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. With a name like LaPierre . . . .
Donald Trump. Too many stunts.
Doomsday scenarios. Ain't gonna happen.
Joe Biden. How to lose while winning.
Ron Johnson and JC Penney. Get your act together, guys!
The Constitution. Revised, rejiggered, redefined, reinvented. Why?
America's voters. You bought it. It's yours. Deal with it.

Did we miss anybody?

Notable 2012 Deaths: How Many Do You Remember?

The first person to walk on the moon. A great general who led us through a successful military campaign. A singer and multi-talented entertainer whose troubled life after fame and fortune came to a sorry end. A legendary football coach defamed by scandal. A childrens' author with lessons for adults. Two hugely popular artists who catered to the masses and two Oscar winners. A trailblazing comedienne, three giants from the early days of TV, a former queen of country music and a toe-tapping country picker. The image of eternal youth and a TV reporter who's piercing questions made the powerful squirm. These were among those we lost this year.
We bid farewell to all of them and ask: How many of the following (listed in chronological order) do you remember?

Etta James

Joe Paterno

James Farentino

Don Cornelius

Angelo Dundee

Ben Gazzara

Whitney Houston

Dory Previn

Davy Jones

Andrew Breitbart

Earl Scruggs

Thomas Kinkade

Mike Wallace

Dick Clark

Charles Colson

Maurice Sendak

Nicholas Katzenbach

Vidal Sassoon

Carlos Fuentes

Donna Summer

Robin Gibb

Doc Watson

Richard Dawson

Ray Bradbury

Rodney King

LeRoy Neiman

Nora Ephron

Ytzhak Shamir

Andy Griffith

Ernest Borgnine

Celeste Holm

Kitty Wells

William Raspberry

Alexander Cockburn

Sally Ride

Sherman Hemsley

Tony Martin

Gore Vidal

Marvin Hamlisch

Judith Crist

Helen Gurley Brown

William Windom

Phyllis Diller

Neil Armstrong

Hal David

Sun Myung Moon

Steve Sabol

Andy Williams

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

Barry Commoner

Alex Karras

Arlen Specter

George McGovern

Russell Means

Letitia Baldridge

Larry Hagman

Hector Comancho

Dave Brubeck

Jenni Rivera

Ravi Shankar

Daniel Inouye

Robert Bork

Charles Durning

Jack Klugman

Norman Schwarzkopf

Jean Harris

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Predictions for 2012 Were 65% Correct!

So, how did we do with our predictions ("fearless forecast") for 2012.
Here are the predictions and (in italics) the results:

--The Philadelphia Eagles will retain Andy Reid as coach and they will chalk up yet another season where they don't make it to the Super Bowl. Sorry fans. RIGHT!

--The economy will advance at barely a snail's pace through 2012 and by election day unemployment will still be eight percent* or more. This will create a difficult situation for Obama & Co. RIGHT!

--China will face it's own version of "Arab spring" WRONG and the Chinese economy will have its share of problems as an economic slowdown RIGHT!, uncertainty and possible uprisings make some begin to wonder RIGHT! whether or not China will become a great world power after all.

--The Philadelphia Phillies will make it to the World Series but in the end they will lose to the New York Yankees. WRONG.

--In a surprise upset the silent, black and white film The Artist will win the Oscar as best picture edging out George Clooney's The Descendants. Looney Clooney will be foiled again. RIGHT!

--Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter will be offered a major position in the Obama Administration WRONG. Occasionally bored and distracted in his current position, Nutter will be tempted to head to Washington.

--The old Meredith Willson musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown will be redeveloped as a "new" musical with rediscovered material from the Willson archives. WRONG. The story will be adapted to fit current modern tastes and trends and the "new" music will join hit tunes that were in the original show to create a Broadway.bound hybrid. This will be part of a trend that includes the already-opened "new" version of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever and the soon-to-open "new" Gershwin musical Nice Work If You Can Get It. These shows will fall somewhere between revivals and original works and create a dilemma for the Tony nominating committee. But they will prove to be good star-vehicles and winners on Broadway. WRONG.

--Newly-minted football-star-turned-NJ Congressman Jon Runyan will easily win re-election in his now largely Republican district thanks to redistricting and the hard-work of this quick-learning freshman and rapidly rising GOP star. RIGHT!

--The re-release of the megamovie Titanic in 3-D and I-MAX will give a badly-needed jolt to Haollywood's sagging bottom line. The film will become a hit all over again. WRONG.

--Ron Paul will not run as a third-party candidate because he will fear that it might jeopardize his son Rand Paul's chances to rise in the Republican Party. RIGHT!

--Likewise, Donald Trump will not run for president because he fears that it would jeopardize his chances to make more and more and more money.  RIGHT!

--Mitt Romney will win the Republican presidential nomination RIGHT! and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be on Romney's short list of possible VP choices RIGHT! But, in the end Romney will pick Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate WRONG and this ticket will easily carry the key state of Florida in the general election, along with a significant number of other states that Obama carried in 2008.

--Republicans will prepare to face an Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012 but Hillary Clinton will demure RIGHT! when she concludes that Obama's chances to win re-election are not good. She will say that she's tired of public service and wants to turn a new page in her life. There will be an element of truth in that as Hillary would like to get on with her life, make scads of dough and have time to smell the roses RIGHT! With the help of Big Labor, Big Media and other vested interests (and with a billion dollar war chest) Obama will wage a ruthless, Chicago-style campaign. He'll take a page out of Harry Truman's 1948 playbook and try to run against a "do nothing" Congress RIGHT!

*The actual BLS unemployment figure was 7.9%.
BTW: Thank goodness we didn't predict the outcome of the election as we would have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vote Now - YOU Pick The Year's Best Movie

The Golden Globes and The Oscars are just around the corner.
And soon Hollywood will be announcing its choices for the year's best films.
But only Hollywood insiders vote in those polls. And actual moviegoers often don't agree with Hollywood's choice anyway.
So now here's YOUR chance to pick the Best Picture of the Year.
Vote in our poll. We've given you more than 20 films to choose from. Tell us your favorite. Is it Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook or Most Exotic Marigold Hotel or Les Miserables or Life of Pi or The Master or maybe some other film.
Here's your chance to vote.
The more votes we get, the more accurate our poll will be.
So, vote today at the right top of this blog page.
We want to hear from you!