Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Agree: Let's Repeal NJ Teen Drivers Decal Law

New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck has expressed disappointment that an effort to amend A-2740 to include the immediate repeal of teen driver decals was blocked by the Senate Democratic majority. The amendment, offered by Senator Tom Goodwin, was blocked in an 18-17 vote.
“I have heard repeatedly from my constituents that they do not support the teen driver decal requirement that was implemented as part of Kyleigh’s Law,” said Beck. “While the law was meant to keep young drivers safe, many teens and their parents feel like it puts them at increased risk.”
Since the decal requirement took effect earlier this year, there have been a number of reported incidents that have increased concerns regarding the use of the decals. Some teen drivers have suspected that other drivers have driven more aggressively to pass or distance themselves from cars bearing the decals, and other young drivers have felt that they were followed after placing the decals on their cars.
Beck has signed on as a co-sponsor of S-2034, which would remove the decal provision of Kyleigh’s Law and establish a new, inconspicuous system for law enforcement officials to identify novice drivers. The bill would provide law enforcement officials in New Jersey with the ability to clearly identify a motor vehicle which may be driven by a novice driver without having young drivers being identified by the public.
“It’s clear that despite being well intentioned, many parents are concerned that the decal requirement inappropriately alerts others to the presence of minors,” added Beck. “We can enact common-sense changes to allow for provisional drivers license laws to be enforced, while alleviating the concerns of parents and young drivers.”

Senator Beck is absolutely correct and we agree with her.
This law should be repealed.

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