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An Artistic Masterpiece That Defines Good Friday

Of all of the great paintings and representations of the events of Good Friday, none is more inspiring, more compelling or more overwhelming than Caravaggio's Deposition From The Cross.
This magnificent painting is part of the Vatican collection
This masterpiece measures nearly 10 feet by 7 feet and it totally envelopes you with its majesty, poignancy, spirituality and deep sense of humanity.
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio did not really portray the Burial or the Deposition in the traditional way, inasmuch as Christ is not shown at the moment when he is laid in the tomb, but rather when, in the presence of the holy women, he is laid by Nicodemus and John on the Anointing Stone, that is the stone with which the sepulchre will be closed. Around the body of Christ are the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, John, Nicodemus and Mary of Cleophas, who raises her arms and eyes to heaven in a gesture of high dramatic tension.
Caravaggio, who arrived in Rome in 1592, was the protagonist of a real artistic revolution regarding the way of treating subjects and the use of color and light, and was certainly the most important personage of the "realist" trend of seventeenth century painting.
If you have never seen this treasured work of art, you owe it to yourself to be in its presence.
I was, and I was transformed by it.

Video: The Illuminating Christie-McGreevey Dialogue

Governor McGreevey: How do we morally and ethically as a country, as what I believe to be a good people and you know, the mayor talked about driving past prisons and our indifference, how to we ignite, I mean this is pretty special today, but how do we ignite a fervor, a moral fervor, to say that we need to do better as a matter of conscience as a people, as a nation?

Governor Christie: Well I mean I think to do it, it can’t just be our political leaders who are involved in doing it. You know it’s got to be everybody, if you want to ignite a moral blaze then the morality of our society is determined by all of us. Not just by the people you elect and put into office, not just by the people who stand in the pulpit or in the temple or in the mosque and preach to you on your days of observation. It is all of us who give forth an attitude.

Again I go back to what Gene said about the friends on the way in and the friends on the way out, why is that? It is in part, I think, because we think that’s what’s socially expected of us. That we’re expected to kind of give the stiff arm to the person who’s been in trouble, and gone to jail, and why are you associating with that person? Don’t you understand that they’ve been to jail? Well, you know, that’s why I think the kind of broader movement that you’re referring to in your question has to be done by a broader swath of society. I can say as much as I want to say and hope that I move people, that’s part of my job is to use the pulpit that I have to be able to try to speak about the things that I believe are important and to move people.

But I’m not under the illusion for a moment that I can move everybody. There are some people who their ears are closed to me, maybe because they’re very busy with other parts of their life, maybe because they’re focused on other things regarding their family and they don’t focus on what’s going on in the public. Maybe because they just don’t like me. It’s possible. I know you find it hard to believe, but it is possible. So you can’t just count on one person or one group of people to do it, because you don’t know, you don’t know, who you are uniquely positioned to reach.

You don’t know until you try and until you take the chance to put yourself out there to folks. And so what I try to say to people all the time who come to me, and I’m sure the Governor understands this, too, because he had this job, too. I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and say to me, ‘Governor, why don’t you do something about ‘fill-in-the-blank’?’ And they’re emotional, they’re heated up about it.

The first year or so I was Governor I didn’t know how to quite react to this, so I would try to be really earnest and say, ‘Oh okay, I will try to do something about that.’ Then after about a year of it, I said I got to qualitatively listen to this, right? And I can’t tell you now, in the last four years, how many times I look at people and say, ‘Why don’t you do something about it?’ And they look at me and go, ‘Well, you’re the Governor.’ Yeah, okay. I’m the Governor, but that doesn’t mean I’m in charge of everything. Why don’t you do something about it? Why don’t you tell me what you think I should do about it, instead of just coming to me and saying, ‘Hey do something about it.’ I can’t tell you the looks on people’s faces when I do that. They’re like, ‘Wait a second, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to work.

We have this role-playing down. See, I’m the constituent. I come up to you and yell at you. You look chastened and upset and then say you’ll do something about it, then you never will and I’ll never see you again.’

I’m trying to change that part of the dialogue, too, because people need to understand they all have a responsibility for this. It’s not just mine, it’s yours, too.

Corbett Hails Positive PA. Jobs Figures

The Corbett-Cawley campaign today released the following statement from Governor Tom Corbett following another positive jobs report for Pennsylvania. According to Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 6.0 percent – the lowest level since 2008 and far below the national average of 6.7 percent.

“When I came to Harrisburg, I came here with the promise of less taxes and more jobs, and we are now seeing those jobs reflected in our state’s improving unemployment rate,” stated Governor Tom Corbett. “I have fought hard to restore fiscal order in our State Capitol, and that is creating the fiscal certainty and stability needed for the creation of good private sector jobs. I will continue making the tough decisions that the people of Pennsylvania elected me to make, because they didn't send me to Harrisburg to make friends, they sent me here to make a difference.”

For more information on the Corbett-Cawley campaign of less taxes and more jobs, please visit

Ten Dining Rules BEFORE You Even eat!

If you want to have a good dining experience, from the first minute you enter a restaurant you must be alert and attentive.
Before you are seated -- and well before you even taste a morsel of food -- you must follow some basic rules to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.
Because, lets face it: If your minimal needs are not met, it doesn't matter how great the food or the service is, you're not going to have a positive dining experience. It's just that simple.
So here (in no particular order) are the rules that you need to remember right from start:
1) Never sit near the door. It's one of the worst places to sit and it's liable to be drafty, cold or hot, crowded and/or noisy. Plus, it's a popular place for gawkers.
2) Never sit near the restrooms. Do I really have to explain why?
3) Never sit near a wait station. You didn't come to visit with the waitstaff, hear their gossip and be serenaded by the clanging of dishes and other attendant sounds.
4) Beware of small (or even larger) children. People nowadays take their kids everywhere and very often  they neither discipline nor correct them as they should.
5) Stay away from large groups or people who appear to be celebrating special events. The people in these groups often imbibe in a manner where they try to outdo one another. These guests can become very loud and they often overstay their welcome as well. Not good. 
6) Never sit under air or air conditioning vents. You will ch-ch-ch-chill and so will your food. And, you may leave with a stiff neck.
7) If you're dining on a major family dining day (such as Mother's Day or Easter) know what you're getting into. You'll be facing fixed menus, higher prices, noisy groups, kids, a hassled waitstaff and probably mediocre food.
8) As a general rule, do not dine out on New Year's Eve. If you must, dine quite early in the evening and be home by 10 pm. New year's Eve is for losers. It's consistently the year's most overrated event.
9) Unless you are dining solo, don't dine at or near the bar.
10) As you enter the restaurant, subject the place to the sniff test. If it smells musty or stale, leave.
These rules are based on real life experiences and numerous disappointments compiled over many years. Ignore them at your own peril.

Does Easter Seem Kinda Late This Year?

Does Easter seem late this year?
It does to some people. To us, it seems just right. 
So, how is the date for Easter determined?
Easter is calculated via the Easter dating method devised by Pope Gregory XIII and his astonomers and mathmeticians.
According to the Gregorian calendar Easter is always one of the 35 dates between March 22 and April 25. The canonical rule is that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the 14th day of the lunar month (the nominal full moon) that falls on or after March 21 (nominally the day of the vernal equinox). So, this year Easter comes 11 days after the beginning of spring.
Next year Easter will fall on April 5, which might seem a bit early for some people.
One would expect that it would be a warmer Easter this year even though the week leading up to Easter has been a bit chilly. We'll see.
But we actually remember balmy Easters in March and chilly Easters in late April. And there have even been years when it has snowed on Easter Sunday.
Why is the date of Christmas fixed while the date of Easter changes each year? That's a question for another time.

The Fate Of Christ: The Solemnity Of This Day

Antonio Ciseri's depiction of Pontius Pilate presenting a scourged Christ to the people, "Ecce homo!
                                                            O sacred head, surrounded
by crown of piercing thorn!
O bleeding head, so wounded,
reviled and put to scorn!
Our sins have marred the glory
...of thy most holy face,
yet angel hosts adore thee
and tremble as they gaze...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bret Michaels Kicks Off Free Philly Concerts Fri.

Nationally renowned recording artist and rock superstar Bret Michaels (@BretMichaels) will open the Live! Stage Summer Concert Series at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia with a free performance, courtesy of Miller Lite on Friday, April 18 at 9:30 p.m. Miller Lite drink specials will be available throughout the concert.

2014 Summer Concert Series Schedule:

Friday, April 18                                  Bret Michaels
Saturday, May 31                               Buckcherry
Saturday, June 14                               The Hooters
Saturday, September 13                      Billy Currington
Saturday, September 20                      Reel Big Fish

Pennsylvania native Bret Michaels is the lead vocalist of iconic rock band Poison, and is also known for his appearances on VH1’s Rock of Love and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Michaels recently released his solo single “A Beautiful Soul”.

For all of the latest announcements and information for the 2014 Summer Concert Series schedule, visit our website at

XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is a dining and entertainment district centered in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. The one-of-a-kind venue features over a dozen restaurant and entertainment choices, including six main venues: Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar & Grill (Professional Bull Riders), Philly MarketPlace, Spectrum Grill, Victory Beer Hall and the first-ever NBC Sports Arena. XFINITY Live! is a joint partnership between Philadelphia-based Comcast-Spectacor and Baltimore-based The Cordish Companies.

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Christie Signs Bill To Improve NJ Drug Treatment

Governor Chris Christie today signed legislation that would allow the licensure of certain drug treatment programs to operate in State correctional facilities and county jails.
“Far too many drug users end up in jail as a result of actions fueled by their addiction,” said Governor Christie. “Today, I am signing a bill to improve drug treatment programs in our State that clarifies our current law and increases opportunities and services available to inmates who are showing a commitment to turn their lives around by graduating from these licensed drug treatment programs prior to release from incarceration. Those opportunities will help these individuals in their recovery and reintegration after incarceration and help reduce the likelihood they fall back into the cycle of addiction and criminality.”

The new statute also addresses a longstanding issue that prevented just-released prisoners from eligibility for General Assistance. It ensures that incarcerated individuals who participate in and complete drug treatment programs, which meet or substantially meet licensure requirements, are not denied eligibility for general public assistance benefits upon release from incarceration.

Governor Christie has long spoken of his firmly held belief that no life is disposable and everyone deserves a second chance through treatment if they haven’t committed a violent crime.Today’s bill signing is one of several initiatives the Governor has advocated to support the recovery of individuals battling addiction, continuing his commitment to fundamentally change the conversation and policies toward addiction and treatment.

Last year, Governor Christie followed through on his commitment to take a smarter and more effective approach in how the State treats drug-addicted offenders by signing into law two landmark, bipartisan bills that put in place a statewide, mandatory drug court program and provide legal protection to people trying to help a drug overdose victim.

And most recently, he announced the formal launch of a pilot program in Ocean and Monmouth counties that will train and equip police officers to administer the antidote Narcan to people experiencing an overdose of heroin or prescription narcotics.

Primary sponsors for A-2295/S-686 included Senators Raymond Lesniak and Nicholas Sacco, and Assemblymembers Vincent Prieto, Angelica Jimenez, Carmelo Garcia, Bonnie Watson-Coleman, and Raj Mukherji.

Video: Christie & McGreevey: Watch The Lovefest!

Today, in Jersey City, NJ: This video is so compelling and speaks so profoundly about these two men that no further comments are needed.


Governor Christie: One of the reasons I agreed to come and talk about this today is because of him. Now the reason I say that is we need people who have had great accomplishments in their life, from both parties, being willing to work together with each other. 
And you know, all too often we set up a system in our political affairs where that becomes impossible, or if not impossible, frowned upon to the point where people become reluctant to do it. And I can tell you that from the time I’ve become Governor, I’ve reached out to him for advice and to urge him to get out more in public.
Because even though we don’t agree on every issue or nearly every issue - if we sat down and did a list of public policy issues, right? I mean it would be a relatively spartan list, right, that McGreevey and I agreed on. But what I will tell you is that has never stopped him from giving me advice. 
When you’re in these jobs, the advice you can get from somebody who’s actually sat in the chair is qualitatively different than the advice you can get from anybody else. I want him to continue to be a leader in this state on issues that he’s passionate about and cares about. 
And I want all of you to see that no matter what disagreements we may have on other issues, when we agree on something, we’re going to work together to try to make it happen and force, because we’ve been leaders in the highest office in this state, and force the people underneath us; the legislators, the mayors, the council people, the freeholders, the county executives, to not allow the partisan barriers to get up between them to prevent progress because if we can do it, then everybody else beneath us in terms of office status should be able to do it too. So his invitation today was really welcome and I appreciate it.

Governor McGreevey: Before the Governor leaves I just want to say a heartfelt thank you and I wasn’t even going to say this but you know obviously I’ve had my own challenges in life and there have been few people who have been as decent and kind and compassionate and good as Chris Christie. 
And so I want to thank him for being here today. I want to thank him for clear, strong, powerful voice as to the need for treatment over incarceration, for visiting our women in Hudson County, for Mary Pat coming to Integrity in the basement of one of our facilities and spending hours with our women and for the Governor being here at the mayor’s conference, to lifting up his voice, not only here in Hudson County, not only in this state, but god willing, nationally so that America can be her best not only for those in this room, but for those sitting in prison cells throughout this country. 
Governor, on behalf of all of us, a heartfelt thank you and blessed Easter.

XFINITY LIVE! Is Hdqts. For Hockey Flayoffs

XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is the official headquarters for the most loyal fans in hockey to cheer on the orange and black throughout the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs starting at the drop of the puck at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 17. Fans in attendance will have the opportunity to meet Flyers alumni, receive Flyers cheer cards and give-a-ways, experience Flyers in-arena entertainment during breaks in play and take part in Flyers trivia.
Fans can enjoy live bands on the Live! outdoor concert stage as well as Flyers inflatables. Drink specials and a "Hat Trick" sampler will be available for all Flyers playoff games.

The Flyers First-Round Playoff series schedule is below:
Game 1:  Thursday, April 17 – Flyers at Rangers, 7 PM
Game 2:  Sunday, April 20 – Flyers at Rangers, 12 PM
Game 3:  Tuesday, April 22 – Rangers at Flyers, 8 PM
Game 4: Friday, April 25 – Rangers at Flyers, 7 PM
*Game 5: Sunday, April 27 – Flyers at Rangers, 12 PM
*Game 6: Tuesday, April 29 – Rangers at Flyers, TBD
*Game 7: Wednesday, April 30 – Flyers at Rangers, TBD
*if necessary 
XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is a dining and entertainment district centered in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. The one-of-a-kind venue features over a dozen restaurant and entertainment choices, including six main venues: Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar & Grill (Professional Bull Riders), Philly Marketplace, Spectrum Grill, Victory Beer Hall and the first-ever NBC Sports Arena. XFINITY Live! is a joint partnership between Philadelphia-based Comcast-Spectacor and Baltimore-based The Cordish Companies. 

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Governor Christie Files Many Direct Appointments

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie filed the following direct appointments with the Secretary of State's Office.


Master HVACR Contractors
Appoint Kevin S. Clark (Galloway, Atlantic)
Appoint the Honorable William C. Barham (Monmouth Beach, Monmouth)
Executive Branch of State Government Representative
Appoint the Honorable Thomas C. Pitcherello (Bordentown, Burlington)
Labor Organization Representative
Appoint Dennis O'Neill (Iselin, Middlesex)
Elevator/Escalator Manufacturing Representative
Appoint Scott D. Wallace, Jr. (Stafford, Ocean)
Elevator/Escalator Installation and Maintenance Representative
Appoint Edmund J. DeFilippis (Watchung, Somerset)
Elevator/Escalator Architectural Design Representative
Appoint James Boydston (Bloomfield, Essex)
Public Member/Municipal Government Representative
Appoint the Honorable James J. Byrnes (Bayville, Ocean)
Executive Branch of State Government Representative
Appoint Paulina M. Caploon (Montclair, Essex)
Public Members
Appoint Barbara A. Lee, MA (Laurence Harbor, Middlesex)
Appoint Erin E. Seigh (Metuchen, Middlesex)
Appoint Christine R. Hines (Edison, Middlesex)
Appoint Patrice Elana Jetter (Hamilton, Mercer)
Appoint Colleen E. Roche (Montclair, Essex)
Appoint Frank P. Smith (West Deptford, Gloucester)
Appoint Robin Dehmer, L.P.N. (South Amboy, Middlesex)
Public Members
Appoint Kim Case, Esq. (Green Brook, Somerset)
Appoint Marcela P. Tomasetta (Freehold, Monmouth) 
Co-Directors of the Governor's School in the Sciences (Non-voting)
Appoint Steve Surace, Jr., Ph.D. (Madison, Morris)
Appoint Adam G. Cassano, Ph.D. (Dover, Morris)
Public Member
Appoint Peter D. Renwick (West Orange, Essex)
Public Members
Appoint Louis J. Manzi (Riverton, Burlington)
Appoint Richard Rivera (Secaucus, Hudson)
Appoint the Honorable Joseph R. Santagata (Landisville, Atlantic)
Appoint Kathy Esquiche (Wayne, Passaic)
State Superintendent of Education Representative
Appoint Melissa R. Fantozzi (Voorhees, Camden)
Superintendent of a School District with a High Concentration of Military Children
Appoint James Sarruda, Ed.D. (Sewell, Gloucester)
Public Member
Appoint Danielle Bracco (Westfield, Union)
New Jersey Department of Education - Office of Special Education Representative
Appoint William Freeman, M.Ed. (Yardley, PA)
Representative of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change
Reappoint Edith Savage-Jennings (Ewing, Mercer)
Public Members
Appoint Professor Wendel A. White (Galloway, Atlantic)
Appoint Theodora Smiley Lacey (Teaneck, Bergen)
Appoint Lynda Gallashaw (Paterson, Passaic) 
Appoint Darrell K. Terry, Sr., MHA, FACHE (South Orange, Essex)
Appoint Geraldine Hayer (Pleasantville, Atlantic)
Appoint Kimberly Smith (Ewing, Mercer)
Appoint Reverend Dr. Deborah Kathleen Blanks (Bordentown, Burlington)
Appoint Wanda Sims (Newark, Essex)
Reappoint Thomas R. Jones, M.P.A. (West Deptford, Gloucester)
Reappoint George V. Guy, Jr. (Lindenwold, Camden)
Reappoint Linda Coles-Kauffman (Ewing, Mercer)
Reappoint Bahiyyah Abdullah (Barnegat, Ocean)
Reappoint James L. Ballentine (Irvington, Essex)
Reappoint Richlyn F. Goddard, Ph.D. (Atlantic City, Atlantic)
Reappoint Nancy L. Axelrod (Haddonfield, Camden)
Reappoint Geraldine R. Clark (Guttenberg, Hudson)
Reappoint Stephenine S. Dixon (Atlantic City, Atlantic)
Reappoint Kenyon C. Burke, Ed.D. (Maplewood, Essex)
Reappoint Sarah M. Dundas (Morristown, Morris)
Parent/Guardian of a Public School Student Receiving Special Education Services
Appoint the Honorable John J. Driscoll (Paramus, Bergen)
Parent/Guardian of a Student Attending a Private School for Students with Disabilities
Appoint Jean Pasternak (Short Hills, Essex) 
Public School Special Education Teacher
Appoint Kristin P. Hennessy (Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean)
Director of Special Education Services for a School District
Appoint Kerri Lee Walsifer (Sea Girt, Monmouth)
ARC of New Jersey Representative
Appoint Kevin Sturges (Annandale, Hunterdon)
New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities Representative
Appoint Deborah M. Spitalnik, Ph.D. (Stockton, Hunterdon)
New Jersey Parent-Teacher Association Representative
Appoint Catherine M. Lindenbaum (Brick, Ocean)
New Jersey Association of School Administrators Representative
Appoint Kevin W. Ahearn, Ph.D. (Matawan, Monmouth) 
New Jersey School Boards Association Representative
Appoint Donna M. Kaye, Esq. (West Windsor, Mercer)
New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association Representative
Appoint Barbara E. Frascella, Ph.D. (Allentown, Monmouth)
New Jersey Association of School Business Officials Representative
Appoint Corinne Steinmetz (Phillipsburg, Warren)
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of New Jersey Representative
Appoint Margaret Kinsell (Browns Mills, Burlington)  
Garden State Coalition of Schools Representative
Appoint Lynne Strickland (Rumson, Monmouth)
Association for Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped Representative
Appoint Chris Sarandoulias (Medford, Burlington)
New Jersey Education Association Representative
Appoint Marie Blistan (Harrisonville, Gloucester)
American Federation of Teachers Representative
Appoint Princess Hogue (Newark, Essex)
Public Member -  Knowledge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Mental Health
Appoint Anthony Riccio (Hamburg, Sussex)
Public Member - Knowledge or Experience of the New Jersey Judicial System
Appoint Joseph V. Biancamano, Esq. (Glen Ridge, Essex)
Public Member - Statewide Officer of a Veterans’ Organization
Appoint Herb Worthington (Manchester, Ocean)
Industry Representatives
Appoint Michael G. Merrill (Chester, Morris)
Reappoint William P. Curcio (Sparta, Sussex)
Reappoint Larry A. Horowitz (Perrineville, Monmouth)
Reappoint Thomas A. Leahy (Brick, Ocean)
Representative of a Gas Public Utility Involved in the Storage and Distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Reappoint Gene Doughtery (Franklinville, Gloucester)
Public Members/Fire Safety Professionals
Appoint Louis B. Kilmer (Cinnaminson, Burlington)
Appoint Robert H. Zander (Colts Neck, Monmouth)
Public Member
Appoint Michael Ticktin (Roosevelt, Monmouth) 
Environmental Community Representative
Appoint Chuck Feinberg (Rockaway Township, Morris)

Departmental Appointments Subject to the Governor’s Approval
Governor Christie approved Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez’s appointments for the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Board of Trustees. These approved appointments do not require Senate confirmation.  

Public Members
Reappoint Eric J. Marcy, Esq. (Long Valley, Morris)
Reappoint Mary Anne Marra, R.N., M.S.N. (Clifton, Passaic)
Reappoint Kimberly A. Donnenberg (Hampton, Hunterdon)
Reappoint Professor John D. Lydon (Hamburg, Sussex)
Appoint Gerard A. Figurelli, Ph.D. (Washington Township, Bergen)
Appoint Mary Jo Buchanan (Basking Ridge, Somerset)
Appoint Sylvia W. Lippe, CADC (Ringwood, Passaic)

Some Thoughts To Ponder This Easter

Comedian Brad Stine pokes fun at one of the most widely heard defenses against belief in God … and totally kills it!

Gallup Poll Figures Show Obamacare's A Loser

Okay, so the Gallup Poll is out with some new numbers on Obamacare signups (or lack thereof) and the figures are revealing.
As you might expect, NBC is spinning the poll to place it in the best possible light for Obama proclaiming that Obamacare has helped as many as 9.9 million to get new health insurance. And the headline, stretches it further, shouting "Obamacare helped up to 10 million get insurance."
But, remember -- we're talking about as many as and also up to here and those are obvious fudge words. And don't assume that all of these people signed up through Obamacare. They didn't.
When you dig into the story, here's what you find:

  • "Probably 7.26 million people" got health insurance since the last quarter of 2013.
  • There are still 36.3 million people in America without health insurance. 
  • Though 4.2 percent of Americans got a new healthcare policy using the federal and state exchanges ion 2014 only about half of those (2.1%) were without insurance coverage in the first place. The rest used the exchanges to replace policies they already had -- or ones they may have just lost -- because of Obamacare in the first place.
  • The people who are buying these insurance policies rate themselves as less healthy than the general population. Not good for the financial state of affairs for Obamacare.
  • And the worse news of all, for Obamacare: Younger people aged 18-29 tended to gravitate to buying health insurance directly, not on the exchanges, while those signing up on the new exchanges tended to be in the 50-64 age group. This younger group is vital to the success of Obamacare and it's not yet sold on the program -- not by a longshot. Younger, healthier people need to make up a huge part of the program so they can offset (and pay for) the older, less-healthy insurance enrollees. 
  • Finally, buried deep in the story is this stunning statistic: 54 percent of those surveyed said they disapprove of Obamacare. Only 43 percent approve.
No, the number of uninsured has not dropped significantly under Obamacare.
No, the number opt signups has not made a significant dent in the overall numbers.
No, the all-important youth group is not signing up at anywhere near the numbers that are needed to make the program a success.
And no, people have not changed their minds about Obamacare. They still don't like it.

Bay State's Loss Will Be Granite State's Gain!

With your help, Scott Brown can make it happen - for New Hampshire and for America!
Click here to get involved now!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rapper Cuts Off Penis, Jumps From Building

A member of Northstar, a Long Beach, Cal. hip-hop group reportedly cut off his penis this morning and then jumped from a Los Angeles apartment building.
Police reports say the rapper, along with his recovered penis was taken to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. That's where Andre Johnson is being treated. Johnson's hip-hop group was a member of the Wu-Tang family according to the Wu-Tang Clan website. He performs under the name of Christ Bearer.
He recorded the song "When The Guns Come Out" which was part of the 2004 song "Blade: Trinity."

'Exquisite' Lady Day Extends Broadway Run

As a result of strong critical response and public demand Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill, Lanie Robertson’s play with music, starring Audra McDonald, announces that the production will be extending its limited engagement at the Circle in the Square Theatre (235 West 50th Street, btwn. Broadway and 8th Avenue) through August 10, 2014.
“Audra McDonald is GENIUS! One of the greatest performances I Ever Hope to See.”
New York Magazine

MESMERIZING! Pouring her heart into her voice, Audra McDonald breathes life into Billie Holiday’s greatest songs.”
The New York Times

Daily News

“The best 90 minutes you’ll ever witness!
Audra McDonald is again AUDACIOUSLY AWESOME.”

“STUNNING & HEARTBREAKING. The performance of her career!
Get to the Circle in the Square theatre – pronto!”
Huffington Post

“One of the most exquisite & haunting performances of the year!”
Entertainment Weekly
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill, which began previews on March 25, 2014, and opened on April 13, 2014, recounts Holiday's life story through the songs that made her famous. 1959, in a small, intimate bar in Philadelphia, Holiday puts on a show that unbeknownst to the audience, will leave them witnesses to one of the last performances of her lifetime.  Through her poignant voice and moving songs, one of the greatest jazz singers of all-time shares her loves and her losses.   
Among the songs that will be performed: “God Bless the Child,” “What a Little Moonlight Can Do,” “Strange Fruit” and “Taint Nobody’s Biz-ness.”
Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill is directed by Ms. McDonald’s frequent collaborator, Lonny Price. The pair have been developing and working on Lanie Robertson’s play with music for more than two years. The intimate setting of the Circle in the Square provides a unique theatrical experience, drawing audiences – especially those seated at the tables onstage – into the performance.
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill is produced by Jeffrey Richards, Jerry Frankel, Jessica Genick, and Will Trice, who are joined by Ronald Frankel, Rebecca Gold, Roger Berlind, Ken Greiner, Gabrielle Palitz, Irene Gandy and GFour Productions.
Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill made its award-winning premiere with off-Broadway’s Vineyard Theatre in 1986.
Tickets are available via, by calling (212) 239-6200, or at the box office of Circle in the Square.