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Sep 17, 2014, 2 comments


Noonan: Obama's Poor Judgement Did Him In

Peggy Noonan is out with an astounding column in the Wall Street Journal. For its sheer simplicity and searingly clear analysis this column is a stunner.
Here's part of it:
At this dramatic time, with a world on fire, we look at the president and ponder again who he is. Mr. Obama himself mocked how people see him, according to a remarkable piece this week by Peter Baker in the New York Times. "Oh, it's a shame when you have a wan, diffident, professorial president," he reportedly said, sarcastically, in a meeting with journalists before his big Syria speech. Zbigniew Brzezinski told Mr. Baker the president's critics think he's a "a softy. He's not a softy."
Actually, no one thinks he's a softy. A man who personally picks drone targets, who seems sometimes to enjoy antagonizing congressional Republicans, whose speeches not infrequently carry a certain undercurrent of political malice, cannot precisely be understood as soft.
But we focus on Mr. Obama's personality and psychology—he's weak or arrogant or ambivalent, or all three—and while this is interesting, it's too fancy. We are overthinking the president.
His essential problem is that he has very poor judgment.
Click here to read the rest of this illuminating column.

In A World Of Punks, One True Titan Stands Tall

Ahead of his final playing days, legendary Yankee Derek Jeter soaks in the atmosphere on a walk in the Bronx.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Governor Christie: Always Remember MIAs, POWs

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today issued the following statement in honor and remembrance of Americans taken as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action and their families:

“We pause today to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces on National POW/MIA Recognition Day. We recognize those brave service members who have been imprisoned while protecting and defending our country and those who remain missing. As Americans, we all owe an extraordinary debt of gratitude and appreciation to these men and women and their families, who have waited and remain waiting for their loved ones in the most difficult times. We thank them all for their sacrifices they’ve made to protect us both at home and abroad in defense of our national principles.”

Governor Christie also issued a proclamation marking POW/MIA Recognition Day throughout New Jersey.

Video: Collegians Sign Petition Supporting ISIS

Incredible but true!

How Bridgegate Made Chris Christie Even Stronger

So, the Washington Post now says that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is poised to "reclaim" frontrunner status as we head into the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.
This on the heels of media reports that the US Attorney for New Jersey has thus far found no direct link to Christie in the Bridgegate affair after nine months of investigation.
And that Democrat-led legislative probe of the bridge closure has also gone nowhere even though the Dems are trying to keep it alive.
Well, you remember when we analyzed Chris Christie's two-hour news conference in the midst of the GW Bridge imbroglio when he laid everything on the line and answered every question from every media outlet until everyone was just this side of exhausted. We said then that it was not only a masterful performance (an apt lesson in Crisis Communication 101) but also a credible one. Because it's nearly impossible to make a flat-out denial such as Christie's believable under such scrutiny unless you really are telling the truth. After all, the governor left himself absolutely no wiggle room whatsoever. His statements and explanations were unequivocal, consistent and air tight.
Yes, the media continued to probe.
And they've never lost a opportunity to blast Christie on unrelated matters every chance they've had. What was once a near-adoring media chorus became a bunch of whiney bellyachers whenever the subject of Christie came up.
No surprise there, we suppose. Even under the best of circumstances, this is not the sort of crowd you'd necessarily share a foxhole with.
The media saw their opportunity and they took it.
But, guess what? It hasn't amounted to much.
And in the meantime the fortunes of President Obama and the Democrats took a dive.
Through it all, Chris Christie soldiered on. In fact, the adversity seemed to strengthen him, to focus him and energize him in ways that some might not have thought possible. With the help of a prudent medical procedure he began to lose weight. He developed a rigorous, regular exercise regimen. Under fire, he showed a compassionate side, reaching out to Democrats such as once-embatled Governor James McGreevey. And yes, he softened some of his comments and approaches, made some significant compromises and frequently expressed gratitude to those who stood by him. Wisely (and tactfully) he refused to revisit questions about Bridgegate that had already been answered and fully vetted.
These are the qualities of a leader - a strong, realistic, reasonable leader.
None of these things surprise us.
Because these are the qualities that we've seen in Chris Christie all along.
We knew that he could more than hold his own, even in the midst of a veritable full-frontal assault. And he has proven that.
So, for us Chris Chritie is not "reclaiming" anything.
His rightful claim to frontrunner status has been there all along. And far from diminishing anytime soon, we expect that claim to get even stronger.

Remembering Cherry Hill's N. John Amato

We are saddened to learn of the death of Cherry Hill Councilman N. John Amato, an attentive and amiable public servant who loved Cherry Hill, cared deeply about the community and its citizens and remained a vital contributor to the growth and development of the town through both Republican and Democrat administrations.
John was also a proud Italian-American and a loving family patriarch.
We were honored to call him our friend as he was always accessible, helpful and considerate.
First elected in 1983, Councilman Amato was licensed public accountant,.
A graduate of Rutgers University, he also held a Master's degree from Kean College. John was active in the Sons of Italy and was former Board President of the Camden County Vocational Schools.
He was a Eucharistic minister and lector at the Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic Church and also served on the board of the YALE (Young Adolescent Learning Environment) School for children with special needs.
John and his wife, Marion, have two daughters, Rosemary and Irena, and two grandchildren, Michael and Francesca. Every December, John played Santa Claus for a number of charitable organizations and at Cherry Hill Mall.
Councilman Amato resided in Cherry Hill's Erlton neighborhood since 1963.
Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn issued the following statement regarding Amato's death Friday morning:

“Our hearts are heavy today, as we mourn the loss of our beloved friend and mentor, and the longest-serving councilperson in Cherry Hill history.
“John was elected to Council in 1983, and has served continuously on the governing body for the last 30 years.
“If you’ve lived in our community for any length of time, you’ve probably seen John around town: at community events, at his church, eating breakfast in his usual spot at Ponzio’s, or, perhaps, dressed as Santa Claus – a role he cherished almost as much as his position on Council.
“I got to know John very well when we ran for office together three years ago, and he quickly took me under his wing and shared his tremendous depth of knowledge about Cherry Hill and local government. He was an inspiration to three decades of our community’s leaders, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work so closely with him.
“In 2012, we honored John’s service and commitment to the people of Cherry Hill by dedicating the Township’s Council Chambers in his name. It was a proud moment for all of us, and as we prepare to say goodbye to our dear friend, it is comforting to know that his legacy will be preserved there forever.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughters, Rosemary and Irena, and his grandchildren, Michael and Francesca.
“It has been a pleasure to serve alongside John, and an even greater honor to call him my friend. He will be forever remembered as a special person whose dedication to Cherry Hill was unparalleled. He will be deeply missed.”

Christie Rallies Party Faithful For Jeff Bell

At a private event in Princeton last night New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rallied a vocal and enthusiastic group of party faithful behind the state's GOP United States Senate candidate Jeff Bell. Noting that Bell will be outspent by incumbent Senator Cory Booker, Christie reminded the crowd that he was outspent three to one when he ran against Jon Corzine in 2009.
Christie said his initial election to the governor's office not only proves that Republicans can win statewide in New Jersey but that they can win even when they are outspent.
Bell is running a self-described guerrilla campaign relying heavily on social media and word-of-mouth and that was amply demonstrated last night as a large group of college conservatives from the Princeton University Republican Club cheered him on. Bell's tactics have worked before. He came from nowhere to win this year's primary battle for the GOP nomination and in 1978 he toppled popular Republican Senator Clifford Case in a primary victory that foreshadowed the Reagan Revolution.
Christie was in an upbeat mood last night as he expressed his unequivocal support for Bell during an event at which both men had very kind words for one another. Bell declared his admiration for Christie, calling him a tell-it-like-it-is conservative. And Christie assured Bell that he will be joined by First Lady Mary Pat Christie and two of the Christie children in voting for Bell. "Four votes, that's a landslide right there," Christie joked.
The governor urged everyone in the room to contact ten friends to help maintain momentum for Bell in what Christie described as a race that is now "a matter of single digits." Indeed, some polls have shown Bell within striking distance of Booker and Booker's favorables have been hard-pressed to crack the all-important 50 percent mark.
Christie told the crowd that he's been in 32 states campaigning for Republicans in his role as Chair of the Republican Governors Association and he's seeing a clear trend toward the GOP. And the governor also used the occasion to take a few swipes at President Obama, suggesting he is weak and too interested in the next election rather than the hard work of governing.
While Christie noted that he has worked closely with Cory Booker and other Democrats on problems facing the state he made a clear separation between that and party politics. Christie said that elections are about choices while governing involves the business of cooperation in the public interest. And Christie reminded the crowd that he should no more be expected to support Booker's re-election than Booker should be expected to support him in his electoral endeavors - something which has not happened.
Christie said he would host another fund raiser for Bell and that he will make campaign appearances with Bell. He added that he expected the numbers of Bell's enthusiastic supporters to grow and expressed his hope that the Bell campaign would be on TV with ads soon so that Bell's message can get out to voters.
Photos copyright 2014 by Dan Cirucci.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Video: Christie Reacts To Reports He's Exonerated

Report: Feds Find No B'gate Link To Christie

Christie 'Grateful To Hear' Reports He's Exonerated

Tonight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on his monthly radio program, Ask the Governor on NJ 101.5 fm, and responded to this evening’s NBC New York report:

Here’s the full transcript of the Governor’s comments:

Eric Scott: Just before we came on the air there was a report that surfaced from NBC saying federal investigators have uncovered no information directly linking you to the lane closures in Fort Lee that erupted into Bridgegate. You talked about that or at least the legislative investigation a little bit at a press conference this afternoon. I'm guessing this comes as no surprise to you.

Governor Christie: No. Listen, I mean, obviously we'll wait to hear whatever the authorities have to say, but certainly this is a report that comes as no shock to me because as you know, Eric, the day after these events were uncovered, I came out and told people that I had no knowledge of this going on and no involvement or any role in its planning.
I told everyone that and when I stood for an hour and fifty minutes and took questions at a press conference. I came on “Ask The Governor” the next week and we spent a good amount of the time that night talking about the same thing. And so no, I'm not surprised but, you know, you're always grateful to hear that, you know, the things that I said appear like they're going to be confirmed if these reports are accurate and the things that were said in the Mastro report, which was quite excoriated in certain corners, now appear to be being supported if these reports are true. 
So, you know, I don't want to overreact to it because I'm not surprised by it, but, and I'm hoping that, you know, we can start to focus on things that are important to all the people in the state of New Jersey.

Eric Scott: Well, it is important to note that the U.S. Attorney is not commenting officially, the NBC story is attributed to unnamed sources. As a former U.S. Attorney you know no investigation is over until it's over and while the sources have indicated there was at least to this point no culpability on your part, that does not necessarily clear those individuals that were with your administration at the time, many of whom believe orchestrated this.

Governor Christie: Listen, as I said all along, you know, I took action very swiftly and directly and now we'll let the, you know, chips fall where they may in terms of those facts but, you know, all I can speak to, Eric, is myself. And as to myself, I told the people of New Jersey directly and honestly on January 9th that I had no knowledge of this and no role of any kind in the planning or execution of it and if this report is true, then I'm glad that there will be another source in addition to the Mastro report and the legislative hearings which have shown nothing different either, that vindicates what I said to them. 
Because what matters most to me is that the people of New Jersey know that I tell them the truth. They don't always have to agree with me and they don't always agree with me. And it doesn't mean that we'll never make a mistake because obviously that's not true either, but I’ve told them the truth.

Eric Scott: John Wisniewski who is the chairman of the legislative committee that has been looking into this whole thing claims there are documents your office hasn’t turned over. He’s given no indication that he's going to give up the legislative investigation. Hasn't commented directly on this source out of the U.S. Attorney's office. You had some pretty strong statements today.

Governor Christie: Well I just think it's -- listen, I don't want to repeat myself from what I said this afternoon except to say I think it's unseemly the leaking that's been going on.

Eric Scott: From the committee.

Governor Christie: From the legislative committee. Yeah, it's unseemly. He's in charge. So I hope he takes responsibility, too..

Great Authors, Speakers At Philly Free Library!

Check out these upcoming author events at the Free Library of Philadelphia!
Events are in the auditorium of the Main Branch on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Finally Confirmed!

Leading Voices: Bill McDermott | CEO of SAP | Winners Dream: A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 8:00PM
buy tickets online>> 
Bill McDermott is CEO and executive board member of SAP, the world's largest business software company. Heading 66,500 employees who serve hundreds of thousands of customers in 188 countries, McDermott has helped lead SAP into a new era of next-generation business applications and practices. With a 99% approval rating, he was ranked #2 on's 2013 list of the world's top CEOs. A former corporate officer at Xerox, Gartner, and Siebel Systems, McDermott began as a working-class kid from Long Island who purchased his first business, a deli, at 16. Injected with colorful anecdotes and practical takeaways from his decades of career experience, Winners Dream is a blueprint for personal and professional success. In conversation with Tracey Matisak *Book included with ticket purchase.

David Grossman | Falling Out of Time 
Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 7:30PM; FREE

No tickets or reservations required. For more info: 215-567-4341
Israeli author David Grossman is the author of several novels, including See Under: LOVEBe My Knife, and To the End of the Land, a meditation on war, family, and loss, praised by The New York Times Book Review as "one of the few novels that feel as though they have made a difference to the world." Grossman is outspoken peace activist and critic of Israel's treatment of Palestine, and his nonfiction, includingThe Yellow Wind and Sleeping on a Wire, has given a human face to this complex and polarizing conflict. Grossman's new book--part play, prose, and poetry--follows a father's search for his dead son and the communal grieving he shares with the bereaved he meets during his journey.  
Laurence Steinberg | Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence  
Monday, September 22, 2014 at 7:30PM; FREE 

No tickets or reservations required. For more info: 215-567-4341  
Distinguished University Professor of Psychology at Temple University,Laurence Steinberg is one of the world's leading experts on adolescence. A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Psychological Association, and the Association for Psychological Science, he is the author of more than 350 articles and essays on growth and development during the teenage years, and the author or editor of 17 books. He has been a featured guest on numerous television programs, including CBS Morning NewsTodayGood Morning America, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. In Age of Opportunity, Steinberg mines innovative research to explain how the plasticity of the adolescent brain, rivaling that of years 0 through 3, suggests new strategies for instilling self-control. 
Slavoj Zizek | Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept  Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 7:30PM; SOLD OUT"The most dangerous philosopher in the West" (The New Republic), SlovenianSlavoj Zizek is a towering figure in Marxist ideology, psychoanalysis, and social theory. The author of dozens of books and articles and the subject of a score of interviews and documentaries, his best known volumes in English include The Sublime Object of Ideologyand First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. "The Elvis of cultural theory" (Chronicle of Higher Education), Zizek adopts a radical style in his newspaper op-eds and academic works, which has earned him an international following and relevancy. His new book asks fundamental questions about what is really happening when an event occurs, whether events are interconnected, and if we are really agents of our own fates.
Jeff VanderMeer | Southern Reach Trilogy
Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 7:30PM; FREE   
No tickets or reservations required. For more info: 215-567-4341 
Jeff VanderMeer is the author of the Southern Reach Trilogy, a "compelling, elegant and existential" (Los Angeles Times) chronicle of a forgotten, foreboding wilderness area called Area X and the mysterious government agency tasked with investigating it. ThinkJurassic Park meets Lost. The multiple World Fantasy Award-winning VanderMeer has written a score of other popular novels, works of nonfiction, and story collections. He is also a widely respected editor, publisher, and teacher of science fiction and fantasy writing. The Academy of Natural Sciences will be at the event with a live owl and rabbit so you can learn more about the creatures that inhabit The Southern Reach's enigmatic Area X. Hosted by Geekadelphia and the Free Library of Philadelphia. 
Rosenbach Open House  
Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 12 - 6 PM; FREE  

2008-2010 Delancey Place, Philadelphia PA 19103 
The Rosenbach of the Free Library of Philadelphia is hosting an free Open House! Bring your friends and family to explore the Rosenbach's incredible collection of rare books and manuscripts, current exhibitions of children's literature and material by Maurice Sendak, and the Rosenbach brothers' beautiful historic house on Delancey Place near Rittenhouse Square. This event is affiliated with Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day. For more info: 215-732-1600 

Free Library Author Events
Andy Kahan, Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Director, Author Events
Laura Kovacs, Associate Director
Jason Freeman, Program Assistant

phone: 215-567-4341

Win Free Skate Zone Skating For A Year!

Philly area Flyers Skate Zone locations is offering the opportunity to win free skating for a year by entering the "Frozen Ticket" sweepstakes at

One lucky winner will receive all access to any of the four Skate Zone locations (Atlantic City, NJ, Northeast Philadelphia, PA, Pennsauken, NJ, and Voorhees, NJ). This access includes two passes to public skating for a year, lesson programs, a birthday party, open hockey, freestyle figure skating, 10% off of Flyers Gear Zone products and much more. The winner will also receive two tickets to a Philadelphia Flyers regular season game, Lehigh Valley Phantoms game, Vermont vs. Penn State hockey game and an Albany Devils game.

This contest runs through Sunday, September 21, at 12 p.m.

The Flyers Skate Zone is one of the region’s leading providers in ice entertainment and activities; including four locations that are the home to numerous youth clubs and teams. The Flyers Skate Zones also offer lesson programming, birthday parties, public skating, and other special events year round.

Those entering the contest are also encouraged to follow the official twitter account of the Flyers Skate Zone, @FlyersSkateZone for details and announcements. Currently, the Flyers Skate Zone reaches nearly 10,000 fans through their three main social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Comcast-Spectacor (, which operates in 48 of the 50 United States, is the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment company which owns the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), the home arena forboth the Flyers and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the Wells Fargo Center, and four Flyers Skate Zone community ice skating and hockey rinks. In addition, Comcast-Spectacor is also the principal owner of Global Spectrum, the fastest growing firm in the public assembly management field with more than 120 facilities throughout the United States and Canada; Ovations Food Services, a food and beverage service provider; Front Row Marketing Services, a commercial rights sales company; FanOne, a digital fan marketing company; and Paciolan, the leading provider of venue enablement, ticketing, fundraising and marketing technology solutions.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

B'way Bound Can-Can To Open Paper Mill Season

Legendary Cole Porter Musical Starts Its Journey Back To Broadway!
Can-Can-ShowPage 150x230New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse (Mark S. Hoebee-Producing Artistic Director, Todd Schmidt-Managing Director) is proud to open its 2014–2015 season with a Broadway-bound, world-class revival of Can-Can starring Kate Baldwin as Pistache and Jason Danieley as Aristide. 
 This fresh new production features direction by David Lee (Frasier, Cheers) and choreography by Patti Colombo (Paper Mill’s Peter Pan, On the Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). The show features a book by Abe Burrows (Guys and Dolls,How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) and a re-crafted script by Joel Fields (Ugly Betty, The Americans) and David Lee. Can-Can’s score features some of Cole Porter’s timeless classics including “I Love Paris,” “C’est Magnifique,” “It’s All Right With Me” and more. Paper Mill Playhouse is launching this Broadway-bound production of Cole Porter’s classic musical with producing partner Jonathan Burrows. Can-Can will play the Millburn, New Jersey, theater from October 1 – October 26, 2014. 
The official press opening night is Sunday, October 5, at 7:00PM. Can-Can is generously supported by The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation. Paper Mill Playhouse's 2014–2015 Season is proudly sponsored by Investors Bank.

Pistache, a Parisian café owner, decides to feature the scandalous dance the Can-Can, but will her defiance of the law end her business and her love life? 
Can-Can was first presented at Broadway’s Shubert Theatre in 1953 by legendary producers Cy Feuer and Ernest H. Martin. The musical made an overnight sensation of Gwen Verdon. A 1960 film adaptation starred Shirley MacLaine, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier and Louis Jourdan.

Can-Can will be performed at Paper Mill Playhouse eight times a week, Wednesday through Sunday. Performance schedule: Wednesday at 7:30PM, Thursday at 1:30PM and 7:30PM, Friday at 8:00PM, Saturday at 1:30PM and 8:00PMand Sunday at 1:30PM and 7:00PM. Tickets are on sale now and range from $28 – $99. 
Tickets may be purchased by calling 973.376.4343, at the Paper Mill Playhouse Box Office at 22 Brookside Drive in Millburn, or online at Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted. Groups of 10 or more can receive up to a 40% discount on tickets and should call 973.315.1680. College students can order $20 rush tickets over the phone or in person at the Paper Mill Playhouse Box Office on the day of the performance.

“We’re delighted to bring Can-Can back to the Paper Mill Playhouse stage after more than 50 years,” commented Mark S. Hoebee, Producing Artistic Director for the Millburn theater. “Can-Can hasn’t been revived for the Broadway stage in over 30 years and we’re thrilled to launch the next Broadway revival right here at Paper Mill Playhouse.”

“Joel and I started collaborating on Can-Can at the Pasadena Playhouse over seven years ago,” David Lee explains. “–With full permission of the Burrows and Porter estates the book has been updated without being modernized—Can-Can is still set in 1893—and although 90% rewritten it retains all of Abe Burrows' original characters and intent.”

Can-Can will star Tony Award nominee Kate Baldwin as Pistache and Broadway veteran Jason Danieley as Aristide. 
Ms. Baldwin returns to Paper Mill following her critically acclaimed performances in Hello, Dolly!, Guys and Dolls and Miss Saigon. Most recently Baldwin starred on Broadway in Big Fish as Sandra Bloom. She also appeared on Broadway in Finian’s Rainbow, Wonderful Town, Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Full Monty. Ms. Baldwin received a Tony Award nomination, an Outer Critics Circle Award nomination and a Drama Desk nomination for her performance as Sharon McLonergan in the revival of Finian’s Rainbow. Her television credits include Law & Order: SVU and Stephen Sondheim’s Passion for PBS. 
Jason Danieley recently appeared on three different PBS broadcasts: Live from Lincoln Center with the NY Philharmonic in Carousel (Enoch Snow), Ring Them Bells, a celebration of Kander and Ebb, as well as NJTV’s American Songbook at NJPAC (the last two with his wife, Marin Mazzie). Broadway roles include Next to Normal (also with Mazzie), Curtains (Outer Critics Circle nomination), The Full Monty (also on the West End) and Candide (Theatre World Award and Drama Desk nomination). Danieley has been a part of the world premieres of Floyd Collins, Dream True, The Highest Yellow, Beauty and Secondhand Lions. This summer he appears in Kander and Ebb and Terrence McNally's The Visit at Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Michael Berresse (Hilaire Jussac) returns to Paper Mill Playhouse, where he last appeared as Diesel in West Side Story. Berresse was seen on Broadway in A Chorus Line, Light in the Piazza, Kiss Me, Kate (Tony Award nomination), Fascinating Rhythm, Carousel and more. His film and television credits include The Bourne Legacy,State of Play, AI, Jeffrey, The Next Step, Crossbones, and Law & Order.

Greg Hildreth (Boris Adzinidzinadze) performed in the Broadway and off-Broadway productions of Peter and the Starcatcher and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Hildreth originated the role of Jean-Michel in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway. Michael Kostroff (Jean-Louis) appeared on HBO's hit television series The Wire and on The Disney Channel's Sonny with a Chance. Before performing on Broadway in The Nance, Kostroff was seen at Paper Mill Playhouse in Les Misérables and Lend Me a Tenor as well as the US tours of Les Miserablesand The Producers. Mark Price (Hercule) was featured on Broadway in Mary Poppins, All Shook Up, Wonderful Town, Dance of the Vampires, and others. Price was seen at Paper Mill Playhouse in Lend Me a Tenor.

Justin Robertson reprises the role of Étienne, which he played in Pasadena Playhouse’s production of Can-Can. Robertson appeared in Music Theatre of Wichita’s productions of The Little Mermaid, My Fair Lady, and Man of La Mancha. Megan Sikora (Claudine) was last seen at Paper Mill Playhouse as Ado Annie in Oklahoma. Her Broadway credits include How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Promises, Promises, Curtains, Wicked and others.

Tom Wolf: If He's Lying About This . . .

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett-Cawley campaign today announced the release of their latest television commercial, “Mr. Big.” The ad calls out Secretary Tom Wolf on his continued attempt to sell the “billion dollar lie” regarding education funding. The ad is now running statewide on television.

“Secretary Tom Wolf’s entire campaign is a house of cards built on tax increases, recycled big government agenda and bold-faced lies,” stated Communications Director Chris Pack. “The undisputable truth is that Wolf is lying about Governor Corbett’s record and newspapers across Pennsylvania agree. Tom Wolf is a liar and that should disqualify him from serving as Governor.”

The commercial script and sources are listed below.
* * *
Tom Wolf’s big lie about education funding has now been exposed. 
In Pittsburgh, they called Wolf’s education ad a blatant lie [1]. 
In Philadelphia they confirmed, Tom Corbett has increased state funding for education [2]. 
And state spending on public education is at its highest level ever [3]. 
Even Wolf’s hometown newspaper said that Tom Corbett gave more for schools with no tax increase [4]. 
If Wolf is willing to lie about your kid’s education, what won’t he lie about?
[1] A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial said the following regarding Tom Wolf’s education lie, calling it a,  “Blatant lie that Tom Corbett cut $1,000,000,000 from education.” – Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 8/30/14
[2] The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “Corbett has increased the state’s annual funding for basic education” – The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/14/14
[3} “State Spending on public education is at the highest level ever” – Commonwealth Foundation, 2/11/14
[4] “Corbett’s budget: More for schools, no tax increase.” – York Daily Record, 2/5/14

Yes, Lynne Abraham WILL Run For Mayor!

Reports are circulating that former Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham will run for Mayor
of Philadelphia in 2015.
Though she has often been courted by Republicans, Abraham would be expected to join what will probably be a large group of aspirants in the Democrat primary. So far, there's been a dearth of Big Names in the running, so when Abraham makes her formal announcement (probably after this November's election) it will be Very Significant.
Because, make no mistake about it -- Abraham is a Big Name. She's well known, she's a proven vote-getter, she attracts support across all racial, ethnic, geographic and idealogical segments and she can raise the money that's needed to mount a successful campaign.
Lynne Abraham will bring grit, gravitas and no small amount of gray matter to the job - assets that have not been much in evidence in recent years. No one knows the city better than this savvy defender of law and justice and no one loves the city more.
In fact, serving as mayor would be the culmination of an illustrious career for Lynne Abraham and you can be sure of this: She will be a scrupulously honest and relentlessly diligent mayor because that's how she's lived her life and that's what her career's been all about. She knows no other way. Integrity, hard work and an unwillingness to suffer fools gladly are her hallmarks.
She knows the people to contact, the neighborhoods to activate, the constituencies to reach and the buttons to push to make Philadelphia work -- and she isn't afraid to contact, activate, reach and push, push, push.
For all these reasons and many, many more we love Lynne Abraham and wish her the very best!

Help Find Alleged Shooter Of PA. Troopers!

FREE DOUGHNUTS Friday 9/19 At Krispy Kreme!

Avast Mateys! 
Talk Like A Pirate Day is almost upon us! 
To get yer FREE Krispy Kreme Original Glazed® doughnut on September 19, study ye pirate speak in tis first lesson. 
Branch out ye beyond Ahoy, Aye Aye, and Arrrr, and ye’ll be richly rewarded at Krispy Kreme!

Francis: Church Must Be Truly Worldly

The meaning of the terms “Catholic” and “apostolic” when we speak about the Church was the theme of Pope Francis' catechesis at this morning's Wednesday general audience in St. Peter's Square, attended by 50,000 faithful.

When we profess the Creed, we state that we believe in a Catholic and apostolic Church. “Catholic means universal”, said the Holy Father, “and a clear sign of this Catholicity is that she speaks all languages. This is none other than the effect of the Pentecost: indeed, it was the Holy Spirit that enabled the Apostles and the entire Church to communicate to all, to the very ends of the earth, the Good News of salvation and of God's love. Thus, the Church was born Catholic – that is, 'symphonic' since the beginning, and she cannot be otherwise, destined as she is for evangelisation and for encountering everyone”: The Pope, remarking that everyone is able to read the Word of God in his or her own language, again encouraged those present always to carry a copy of the Gospel and to read one or two passages each day.

“If the Church is born Catholic, it means that she was born to go forth, missionary”, continued Pope Francis. “If the Apostles had stayed in the Cenacle without going out to preach the Gospel, the Church would have remained there, in that city, in that country, in that room. It is what we express when we describe her as 'apostolic'. But they went forth. An apostle spreads the good news of Jesus' resurrection. This term reminds us that the Church, on the foundations of the Apostles and in continuity with them, is sent to proclaim the Gospel to all humanity, with the signs of the tenderness and strength of God. The Apostles went forth, they travelled the world, they founded new churches, they consecrated new bishops and in this way, we continue their work”.

“And this too derives from the Pentecost. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is able to overcome any resistance, to defeat the temptation to remain wrapped up in ourselves, an elect few, and to consider ourselves as the only ones destined to receive God's blessing. Imagine if a group of Christians were to consider itself in this way; they would die out. First in soul and then in body, as they would not be able to generate new life. They would not be apostolic. The Holy Spirit leads us towards our brothers, even to those who are far away in every sense, so that they can share with us the gift of love, peace and joy that the Risen Lord has left us”.

“What does it mean, for our communities and for each of us, to be part of a Church that is Catholic and apostolic? First of all, it means taking to heart the salvation of all humanity, not to be indifferent or removed from the fate of so many of our brothers, but rather to be open and in solidarity with them. It also means having a sense of the fullness, the completeness, the harmony of Christian life, always rejecting partial and unilateral positions that close us up in ourselves”.

Being part of the apostolic Church means “being aware that our faith is anchored in the proclamation and the witness of Jesus' Apostles, and therefore always being aware that were are sent out, in communion with the successors of the Apostles, with our hearts full of joy, to proclaim Christ and His love for all humanity”.

Pope Francis recalled the “heroic life” of all the missionaries who leave their homelands to take the Gospel to others, encouraging those present to give thanks to God for the missionaries the Church has had and will continue to need.

“Let us ask the Lord to renew in us the gift of His Spirit, so that every Christian community and baptised person may be an expression of the Catholic and apostolic Holy Mother Church”.